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The R in September marks the start of the native oyster season


There are two types of oysters widely consumed in the UK. The Pacific (or rock) oyster available all year round and the native oyster available from September to April.

The flavour of oysters reflect the minerals, salinity and type of algae they eat in the water. Like wine, oysters gain much of their flavour from their terroir. When tasting an oyster, take note of flavour (light, medium or full), saltiness (neutral to briny) and sweetness (neutral to strong).

Below is a list of oysters that we can easily source for our customers:

Carlingford Rocks, County Down, Eire:
Full, rich creamy oysters with a sweet finish of apples, pears and avocados. A sharp metallic zing in the midst of soothing sweetness.

Fin de Claire Rocks, Brittany, France:
These oysters have been refined in a clay-bottomed bed which provide extra texture and sweetness, with a distinct nutty flavour.

Colchester Natives, Essex
Firm and creamy, a Colchester oyster smells of iodine and ozone: the open sea. It has a very clear flavour of salted butter, and a metallic finish tinged with potting soil and mushroom.

Scottish natives, Loch Ryan, Scotland
These oysters come in large and small sizes, and smell of a sandy shore. Juicy and plump, they have a clean, earthy zinc finish, combined with a nutty, woody flavour.

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