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We have one single commercial interest and that is fish. Getting the best quality fish to our customers quickly and at a fair price is at the heart of what we do.


Warehouse production facility

Our warehouse production facility and head office is based in Vauxhall in central London. This is where orders are taken, where coastal deliveries arrive and where orders are fulfilled and despatched. Read more here about our impeccable quality assurance processes.


Our fleet of refrigerated vans deliver from 6am across the Greater London area. As we are located in Zone 1, we are also able to fulfill secondary orders in the afternoons.


We conduct our business with integrity in an ethical and trustworthy manner and put our customers’ needs at the heart of our culture. In turn, we demand accountability and responsibility from our employees and our suppliers.

Royal warrants

We like to think there’s a correlation between quality and the royal warrant. We are very proud to have been awarded two royal warrants - the only fishmonger in London to do so.

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     We are the only fishmonger
     in London licensed sell
     organic fish

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