How we work with you

At the outset

Our senior sales team will discuss your requirements, advising on provenance, seasonality, sustainability, portion size, availability and price, as required.

Placing your order

The person on the end of the phone is a fish specialist, not an administrator; they are able to assist you without delay.

Choosing stock for you

We receive fresh deliveries from the coast five days a week, to ensure our customers have access to the very freshest fish in London.

Preparing and handling your order

Our team of skilled fishmongers get to work on cleaning, filleting, butterflying, boating or pocketing to your specification.

Delivering on time

Our fleet of vans deliver from 6am across the Greater London area. If there is a congestion or local problem, our vehicle tracking software allows us to view the location of your delivery, so you have an accurate delivery time.

Customer support

Should a problem or error arise with your order, we will apologise and deal with it promptly and courteously.

Staff training

Should any chefs or front-of-house staff need specialist training, we are more than happy to provide it. This might be training on sustainability or simply more practice with knife skills.

For more information, contact Ian Robinson

For enquiries, advice
and orders

Call our sales team


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