EXCLUSIVE WEB OFFER: a new way to cook - enjoy an exclusive Hello Fresh discount for James Knight customers

James Knight of Mayfair is proud to be the exclusive fish supplier of pre-packed fish for Hello Fresh.

Hello Fresh is a revolutionary new concept that gives people the ability to discover and cook gourmet food in less than 30 minutes. Their chefs create delicious recipes, source the fresh ingredients for you (already measured out, of course) and deliver to you in a box to your door.

All that's left for you to do is to follow the simple recipe instructions. Half an hour later, you and your family can sit down to enjoy nutritionally balanced, portion controlled and - most importantly - delicious meals.

As Hello Fresh’s fishmonger, we’ve brought you an exclusive deal to try a box, with 50% off.

If you want to say goodbye to grocery shopping and cook gourmet meals at home in 30 minutes, go to and use the promotional code JAMESK1 at the checkout.

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