Wet fish 

Our pre-pack wet fish range has everyday staples - like salmon and cod - and fish for more adventurous cooking at the weekend, such as monkfish and halibut. Our current product list is show below.

Cod fillet portions x 2 (150g each)
Gilthead bream x 2 whole (3-400g)
Gilthead bream fillets x 2 (120g each)
Halibut fillet portions x 2 (150g each)
Lemon sole, whole (variable weight)
Mackerel whole x 2 (variable weight)
Mackerel fillets x 4 (variable weight)
Monkfish fillets x 2 (150g each)
Octopus whole (variable weight)
Plaice whole (variable weight)
Plaice fillets x 2 (170g each)
Pollock fillet portions x 2 (150g each)
Rainbow trout x 2 whole (200g each)
Rainbow trout fillets x 2 (120g each)
Salmon, organic, fillet portions x 2 (150g each)
Seabass, wild, head-off (variable weight)
Seabass, farmed, whole (3-400g)
Seabass fillets x 2 (from 4-600g fish)
Squid, whole, cleaned (variable weight)
Tuna steaks x 2 (150g each)

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