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Billingsgate Market, London

The legendary Billingsgate Market is the UK’s largest inland fish market and is served by almost every port in the country. Most of the fish arrives at the market in the early hours of the morning. – from the UK coast or imported by airfreight or ferry.

Our buyers visit a handful of the c.100 Billingsgate suppliers, six days a week, arriving back at our facility by 5am. J Bennetts is a key supplier to James Knight as it is one of only a few suppliers of organic salmon in the UK, sourcing from County Clare in Ireland.

The strong currents, high waves and 1A rated water quality at Clare Island provide a naturally healthy environment for the salmon. During the life of the salmon, they will have swum the equivalent of 14,500 miles. This is comparable to the distance covered by wild salmon during their migration pattern. As a result the salmon have a firm muscle texture, which offers an excellent eating experience.

Any supplier selling organic products has to have a license to do so; James Knight is the only fishmonger in London with accreditation by the Organic Food Federation and thus able to sell organic salmon.

We work hard to ensure our
seafood is sourced ethically,
sustainably and, where
possible, locally.

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