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The Brighton & Newhaven Fish Market was established in 1975 to meet the needs of the local fishing fleet. Around 45 local inshore fishing vessels – plus three owned directly by the company – land their catch at the Market.

Most of the vessels landing to BNFS are small inshore day-boats whose catchment area is just four miles along the South Coast; this means that fish is landed within hours of capture ensuring the catch is very fresh.

“By definition, our catch is seasonal and is always subject to weather conditions. If it’s really windy, the fishermen can’t go out” says Charlie Brock, a director of the company.  “We mainly supply James Knight with much of its flat fish, like dover sole, plaice, lemon sole and brill, alongside other seasonal species like black bream and cuttlefish.”

“What’s unique about us is that all boats landing to us have sufficient quota of all species that they are landing, which guarantees that 100% of catch is legal and caught within current EU Fisheries legislation” Charlie continues.

The company is heavily involved in the management of the local and national fishing industry, sitting on various committees – such as the South West Fish Producers Organisation - that shape current and future fisheries management policy.

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possible, locally.

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