Norwegian Skrei Cod

In Norway, something extraordinary happens every year. Between January and April, millions of migrating cod undertake their annual journey from the Barents Sea, travelling thousands of miles back to their spawning grounds along the northern part of the Norwegian coast.

As these fish migrate over vast distances, the flesh of these powerful fish becomes exceptionally firm, white and supple. Only the very best of these migrating species become graded as Skrei cod, satisfying very strict criteria:

  • only 10% of fish are caught, to ensure stocks are sustained for the future
  • all fish are line-caught from day boats
  • the fish must be fully grown (about five years old) and in pristine condition with no scratches or bruising

It is packaged within 12 hours of being caught, making it a premium - yet competitively priced - fish, which has been certified by the MSC.

James Knight supplies Skrei cod when it's in season, with all fish line-tagged for complete peace of mind.

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