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      Chefs who order fish for raw dishes require a specialist service, a subtly different requirement than those serving cooked fish.

      Whilst freshness is the chef’s first consideration, fish for delicate Japanese cuisine requires meticulous preparation by artisanal sashimi experts who understand the specific cuts and portions at the heart of this market segment.

      Meticulous storage and handling have to be key to the process, with super-freezing facilities in place to adhere to strict EU regulations. New gloves are worn to prepare each fish, and each individual fillet is packed separately to ensure potential food safety risks are eliminated.

      There are few UK suppliers who can offer this service. In 2013, James Knight of Mayfair purchased a boutique sashimi supplier, Aberdeen Sea Products, offering Japanese or Japanese-inspired restaurants a unique service that offer chefs the additional benefit of providing detailed advice and guidance on sustainability issues – an issue which is so difficult to address for this cuisine.

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