Case studies

Read some examples of how we’ve helped our clients make more sustainable menu choices.

One-O-One, Sheraton Park Tower

The One-O-One restaurant in the Sheraton Park Hotel in Knightsbridge is widely acclaimed as one of the finest seafood restaurants in London.

A couple of years ago, One-O-One scored a poor ranking from influential campaigning restaurant guide, fish2fork. This gave Executive Chef, Pascal Proyart the impetus to make radical changes to his menu, and approached us to collaborate on the creation of a truly sustainable menu.

This necessarily requires a mixture of farmed and wild fish, some of which is locally sourced, others from further afield. What they each had in common was a positive assessment by the Marine Conservation Society. Cornish sardines, Cornish red mullet, dab and pouting are now on its menu, alongside Norwegian cod and organic salmon, with details provided of catch area and method of catch. It’s sustainability policies are detailed and transparent and are on it’s website for all to see.

Fish2fork re-assessed its rating and awarded One-O-One a near-perfect 4.5 Blue Fish, describing it as “without doubt, one of the best sustainability policies we have come across". Read the review here.

Project Ocean, Selfridges

James Knight has a retail outlet in Selfridges Foodhall. In 2011, Selfridges made a positive decision to ban the sales of any seafood and marine products sourced from unsustainable, over-fished or vulnerable fisheries.

This applied to all of the restaurants and concession partners throughout the store, but as the only fish counter, this was a dramatic change for us.

We were the only concession partner to sit on the steering group for the project, alongside 20 environmental and sustainability groups – including the Marine Conservation Society, Marine Stewardship Council, SeaWeb, GoodCatch, fish2fork, World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace. We went through a very intensive process of reviewing every single fish ingredient in our product range, not just our fresh fish range, but every single ingredient in our complimentary products such as soup, pate, pies etc, in terms of assessing their origin and method of catch, and subsequently applying the MCS rating to them for assessment.

Our research was used by many other concessions, such as Eat, Yo Sushi!, Baker & Spice, the Oyster & Champagne Bar and many restaurants, to inform their sourcing decisions.

Popular species such as red snapper, swordfish and wild prawns were permanently removed from our counter, to our own short-term financial detriment. However, the major benefit of working so closely with the most authoritative environmental and sustainability groups in the world has meant that we are at the forefront of understanding the minutiae of a very, very wide range of species, which we use to help our clients create their Sustainability Plans.

Catch, Liverpool Street

Catch@Andaz is part of a boutique hotel near Liverpool Street station, which opened in 2010.

The Chef, Martin Scholtz, was passionate about sustainability, educated and persuaded by groups like fish2fork, about the issues surrounding bycatch, illegal fishing and endangered species.

Sharing Martin’s philosophy about the importance of sustainability, we developed a close collaborative relationship with Catch, sourcing all of its fish and shellfish. Seasonality, value-for-money and menu transparency were key considerations for Catch’s menu, with an emphasis on British fish.

Devon crab, Hastings dover sole, Cornish grey mullet, half a dozen different oysters and GAAP-approved prawns are key species on its menu, alongside some farmed fish such as Anglesey seabass and French turbot. This information is accurately reflected on its menu and where the information cannot be included due to a lack of space, more detail is in the Catch Species Guide available to customers.

As a result, Catch is one of fish2fork’s flagship restaurants, awarded a near-perfect 4.5. Read here for a review.


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