What's in season


Why eat the seasons?

By eating the seasons, you will reduce food miles and help support your local economy…and more importantly, your fish will taste better.

Spring is the spawning season for many species, a time when our industry should be very sensitive to allowing species the time to reproduce. Without safeguarding their future, killing fish before they have had a chance to breed is senseless. We refuse to buy any fish that is in roe, and if they slip through by accident, we let our suppliers know about it!

So at this time of year, we supplement wild fish with some species that are farmed well - like gilthead bream, rainbow trout and seabass, to help nature take its course. The wild fish that are available include the following:

Grey mullet
John dory
Razor clams

Make the most of your seasonal fish with our tried and tested recipes

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Our tip for cooking razor clams New England-style: pan-fry in garlic butter until the shells open, then top with breadcrumbs and place under the grill.

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